From Idea to Market

While no two products will have the identical formula for market success, here is a “typical” scenario. Our team of professionals can help to guide you and your company through the entire process. 

1. Review product manufacturing costs

-outline necessary profit margins

-make suggestions to create more profitability

2. Review product literature, packaging, branding

-Establish sales material costs

-Market research, branding study, revisions

3. Develop/outline product sales strategy 

-Direct to Store Sales Program (Retailers)

Specific Market Store network

-Doctors, Health Care Professionals

-MLM-Multi Level Marketing plan-

        -Other Major retail- grocery, C-store

            -Define most profitable markets- (online)

            -Specialty markets- hotel gift shops/mini bars, Indian Casinos-

            -Doctors, Health Practitioners

-Other countries-Canada, New Zealand, Mexico        


4. Develop wholesale distribution through Major Distribution

-Nature’s Best

-Select Nutrition



5. Trade Shows- Industry and Consumer

-Expo East and West


-Natural “E” Show

-Green Consumer Show


6. Create market strategy based on profitable focus

-regional target markets (market segments)

    – Northeast





-build sales force for targeted regions

-establish sales targets and incentives

7. Outline product education training program for sales team, retailers


8. Create demo and sampling program


9. Conduct regular industry conference calls with defined objectives

-negotiate key contracts

-travel to key account meetings 

10.Outline exit strategy

-define stock structure

-establish future investor options

Premier Distributing represented several clients at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA